You brew it. We insure it.

Providing insurance to Breweries and Brewpubs all over the U.S.

Why should you choose Condon-Meek Inc. for your Craft Beer Insurance needs?

Condon-Meek has been serving the state of Florida since 1954. As an independent agency we have access to multiple carriers and we can do the research to find the best coverage for your needs.

We provide insurance to Breweries and Brewpubs all over the U.S.

Craft Beer is a passion of ours and we bet its a passion of yours. Your needs as a Craft Brewer are specialized and you need an agent who understands those needs. Let us help you protect your Craft Brewery so you can concentrate on doing what you love - delivering great product to thirsty patrons. You Brew it, We Insure it.

Claim Examples

  • The first batch of your seasonal brew is found to be tainted. The release date, the promotion and the first batch all have to be abandoned. Are you covered for spoilage and contamination?
  • An advanced release of your tainted first batch for tastings across the country has to be recalled. Does your current carrier pay for any expenses incurred in the Product Recall?
  • After sampling several of your offerings, a customer leaving your facility is involved in a serious accident. You have mandatory limited liquor liability coverage, but is it enough? Do you need more?

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